The nature of computing is evolving rapidly. Individuals use a variety of devices in diverse ways for diverse operations (smart phones, watches, voice commands to smart homes, etc.), unlike the typical keyboard-mouse-and-screen interactions. These smart devices can collect inputs in novel ways (e.g., heartrate) and provide feedback (e.g., vibrations) in subtle ways. They can also gather a huge amount of data that can be analysed to learn a lot about the user’s behavior. There is a tremendous scope for research in developing devices, apps, and algorithms in that make use of these futuristic technologies that can directly impact the lives of millions.

The Human-Centered Future Computing Lab at BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa campus is leading the R&D initiatives in futuristic topics such as:

  • preventive healthcare
  • accessible technology for all
  • ad-hoc disaster management
  • precision agriculture